Thursday, October 18, 2007

Guardian Angels

I seem to be, as of late, surrounded by the notion of guardians. First, I was reading Keeping Faith, by Jodi Picoult and the heroine of that book is being visited by "her guard." Then, my aunt, who is spiritual, but not at all dogmatic, gave my mother and me a meditation that centers around imagery of guardian angels. Then, this morning, I photographed our guardian angel...either mine, the kids', or all of ours.

I was taking photos of a beautiful foggy morning when a cloud formation that looked like a creature came into view. I first thought it looked like a unicorn:

Then, it appeared as a dove, winging into the periphery of the photo view finder:

It quickly traveled to mid-sky and became more pronounced, spreading its wings:

I glanced away and then back and it had truly turned into an angel, the sun streamed through and made shafts of light that reached down to us:

And, then, upon developing of this picture of Elena, I can see its light encircling and protecting her, can you?


Shekky said...

Truly amazing. And yes, I do believe.

Anonymous said...

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