Sunday, April 15, 2007

See-sauce and Other Funny Sayings...

It's going to be hard to remember a lot of these "on the fly," but I'll try. Elena is at that age where she attempting a lot of language (one might even say TOO MUCH language). Anyhow, she's got some really cute sayings and nomenclature for things. I will try to capture some of it here so I don't forget as time passes.

See-sauce = see-saw, this morning she was making a see-sauce out of a box top propped on top of something so that it would rock back and forth.

Gally-upping = giddy'up and galloping combined...this is what horsies do...they gally-up.

You're killing me nuts = reserved for yelling at my sister's little dog. We think it's a combo between "You're killing me" and "You're driving me nuts."

Weindeers = any kind of deer, even Bambi, his mother, etc. And look MOMMY, dere's WEINDEERS on there!!!

Effphant = elephant, one of three favorite animals. Elephants, giraffes and zebras. There are days when she loves horses more or dogs, but these are the standbys.

Zebra-pants = any striped pants...each day, getting dressed it is a hard choice between horsey pants and zebra pants. Mommy, Liam, Gwammy, and Auntie Cate also have zebra-pants.

Grimp = cross between grinch and grump. Basically it means you're cranky.

Big Purple = most important of all the chenille blankies she has. As of Easter 2007, however, Big Purple is lost. It's been a week. I don't think we're going to find it. There haven't been any tears about it, because I sacrificed a robe of mine (also chenille) that "meminds me of Big Purple, Mommy."

My animals = the thirty or so animals she has made by Schleich. It's getting ridiculous now that she has so many. Her animals love to conga, herd and congregate by type. They also watch her and feel emotions before she does. Example: Yesterday I told her we were going to see Daddy and she said, "OH OH...My animals are SO excited to see Daddy!" or, when Grammy and Grampy showed up, and she was "having a wough day with them" (being shy), "My animals are a wittle bit scared of Grammy."

I'll think on this and update with more later...


Amelia's moms said...

Fantastic picture, and great stories. I can totally picture the animals conga-ing, first of all. And I love that she's using them to express her emotions. It sounds just like how imaginary friends are described, except she has a herd of tiny ones. What a cute, smart little person!

Precie said...

I love that girl!

Good luck finding Big Purple!