Monday, August 30, 2010

Just in Case You're Ever Needing this Info...

This weekend I updated my new computer with my all 14GB of my iPod's music. I had purchased a took called Copy Toy with which to do this and it failed me miserably. Not only did it never work, but when I emailed "support@" to try and get some help, I got nothing...not even an automated response stating that my email was received. Luckily, I had paid through PayPal, so I was able to open a dispute this morning to try and get my $25 back!

I wrote this note to Copy Toy (which you find by going to or Please boycott them in my honor. Use Copypod, which I have used in the past and works instantly...or enable disk usage on your iPod and just grab the files, FOR FREE, which is what I ended up doing.

I downloaded your iPod copy tool which was supposed to help me copy songs from my iPod to my computer. I contacted your company to ask for help getting their product to work, it:
1) Never would activate using the activation key you gave me
2) Never would work (even on a trial basis) as it would not recognize that my iPod was plugged into my computer
3) Kept telling me I needed a more recent version of the software, which I emailed you about looking for and hunted for on your Website.

I never received any response from your company and due to lack of response and the fact that your product does not work for my iPod Classic, I was forced to find another solution.

Contact me via email with any questions at all.
I'll let you know what happens. Ay yi yi!

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