Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Power of Archive

This is pretty amazing! I googled "heat insanity" today, since it's 99 degrees and I feel as though I am melting, and I got this headline:

HEAT CAUSES INSANITY.; Serious Results of Continues High Temperatures in Rhode Island.

It's a New York Times article, I think to myself, it's got to be reliable. Then I look at the date to see if it's outdated...Guess what that date was?

August 2, 1898, Wednesday

Holy crap...I never expected that!


Talisman said...

Wow, that's totally cool. Well not cool because people were off'ing themselves because it was so hot but cool that a google search can bring up old newspaper stuff like that.

Stay cool!

Talisman said...

(did you like how I managed to use the word cool 4 times in that comment. I'm going for subliminal messages right now to help you stay cool. Or maybe it'll have the opposite impact but either way I can try.)

Amelia's moms said...

Let's talk insanity. Here in lovely Seattle it has been in the 40s or 50s every day. Yesterday I took the children to a local farmer's market, pulling them in the red wagon. Both had tshirts, sweaters, and coats on, and I packed winter hats for the walk back. We had a great time, but I saw at least 6 people at the farmer's market actually wearing mittens while shopping. So take your heat insanity and.....never mind!