Sunday, June 01, 2008

Alert the Fashion Police!

My daughter is the queen of doing EVERYTHING HERSELF. This means damn near everyday we get treated to outfits that are reminiscent of Punky Brewster. The "matches" are hysterical. Unfortunately, I can't do anything but laugh since I am trying to be the kind of mother who doesn't care about things such as matching clothes. I am trying to be the kind of mother who values independence and freedom of choice over aesthetics...did I mention that I am TRYING? It's HARD!


Elisa said...

I think she looks just fine. I wouldn't call the FP on her just yet. :P

Amelia's moms said...

Wait, where's the one with the flowered skirt from recently? I remember thinking that was a getup Amelia would be proud of. I have a good one too - Amelia in short flowered shorts, a baseball cap, and pink snow boots. At the park. What a dork!

Counting_Blessings said...

My four y/o tends to wear two different shoes at least a few times a week! It's his version of matching too!