Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The First Day of School (EVER)

Today was Elena's first day of school ever. She is only going for two hours twice a week. It's not that dramatic, but it really is THAT dramatic. My baby girl is passing another milestone by in stride. It feels like just yesterday, her father and I were sitting on the floor encouraging her to take her first steps between us. Now, she is all of a sudden so grown up! Wahhhhhhhhh!




Amelia's moms said...

Loving congratulations on your big girl...I have to say, it has been wonderful getting to take this journey with you secondhand!

Counting_Blessings said...

Congrats on the first day! My little one started last week as well. It is truly a milestone.

Elisa said...

Emma started preschool recently, too. She loves it. Hers is 3 hours though Tues/Thurs.

What did Elena say at the end? I couldn't understand her.