Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Juicing the Creative

Lately, I have found my creativity has returned for a spell. I've been taking more pictures, even "seeing" more photo opporunities. I've been doing a little art. I've even started a book based on my first year here on The Mountain...called (of course) Drama on the Mountain. Even my sense of humor seems to have returned.

I attribute this all to being free of a controlling relationship, daily hikes and the beauty and perfect weather of my surroundings. When my relationship ended, I enjoyed a period of clutter subtraction and tidying that has only served to make room for my new creative efforts.

Yesterday, I found a rusty piece of metal at mile one of my three mile hike. I wrested a piece of it off and carried it the remaining two miles. This morning I made it into my morning "artpouting" and I love how it came out!!



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