Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's All As It's Supposed to Be the onset of 2013, I wrote about living in the moment. About how this means trusting in a plan. God's plan. Today, as I was walking, I got this message LOUD and CLEAR in my mind. Oh the rotating and repetive messages are the most persistent! Anyhow, today I realized although I am trying to let go and believe there is a plan, I am still thinking I can control the outcomes by doing the right things myself. I try to hold on to the living in the moment, but let's face it, if I don't like the moment, I am like a salmon swimming upstream, fighting the rapids.

So, today's message of "It's all as it's supposed to be" was a very freeing message. Imagine the power in truly believing this statement. This means the wars you fight internally. The temptations you succumb to, or those you beat down. The letting go of people, events and things...all of it. Even the attempt to control...even it is meant to be. Oars up...I know I've said that before, but even if your oars are down, maybe even that is meant to be a direction changing drag? We are not pawns, but we are not unguided, uncared for or unloved either.

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