Saturday, November 07, 2009

OCTOBER 9th: Photo Hike

Lovers Leap 101009 038, originally uploaded by Kikigill.

One of my favorite things to do when I drop my kiddos off at their dad's, is to stop at Lover's Leap State Park and go for a hike. On this particular hike, I brought my camera and photographed the turning leaves and beginnings of autumn. The best thing about Lover's Leap is that there are still trails I haven't conquered, so I chose one of those this day. I found all kinds of interesting things:

First off, that's a steep cliff down to water that you walk along the whole time you are hiking...I was so grateful I didn't have Master Liam with me!
Lovers Leap 101009 004

I found this really neat yellow fungus:
Lovers Leap 101009 017

and this weird, almost roiling red fungus:
Lovers Leap 101009 026

Cool moss:
Lovers Leap 101009 018

Beautful pink quartz:
Lovers Leap 101009 030

Weird blue wood...*what the heck is that?*
Lovers Leap 101009 032

And then, a little outbuilding I was especially drawn to:
Lovers Leap 101009 041

I poked around outside it:
Lovers Leap 101009 044

Lovers Leap 101009 051

Lovers Leap 101009 053

Lovers Leap 101009 070

And inside:
Lovers Leap 101009 062

I wanted to hop inside it, but saw that water was running through the little house, and figured I better go around back to investigate. When I tried to peer around the backside, I realized about a third of the house was hanging over the cliff's edge! Good thing I didn't go inside!

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