Saturday, September 06, 2008

Citizen's Arrest

On Wednesday when I was out walking, I saw a suspicious van on a dead end street with out-of-state plates, and I thought...hmmmmmmm, that's a bit odd and seems out of place, and walked on. But, then saw it again on another circular street. So I called 911 from my cell....I was thinking of myself of a sort of neighborhood watch, even though it was not technically my neighborhood.

So, the police told me they were sending over a cruiser. They called me back when they had found the vehicle and pulled them over and so I walked on my merry way. All of a sudden I noticed there had been a phonebook delivery, all along my walking route, since I had first walked by. So, I felt like a total idiot for getting these poor, pathetic souls in trouble.

I got home and was making a hamburger dinner and the police called me again to thank me for calling in and to tell me that the guys were unlicensed drivers and they had to tow the vehicle. Now, who the hell takes a job delivering phone books with NO LICENSE? I feel bad, because they looked like (as much as one can look like one), they will probably be deported and all they wanted to do was take care of their little kids by delivering phone books!!!! Argh!


Elisa said...

Hey, Kiki, thanks for the comment. You know that might be part of it. I am busting my ass and usually eating about 1400 calories a day which does seem kind of low to me.

I read your blog yesterday and didn't comment but I think it's good you called the cops. You never know and it doesn't hurt to alert them to suspicious activity.

I call often the non-emergency line and report people with kids not in carseats. I can't believe how often I see it. I've even seen babies on the laps of people in the front seat! I call and my hands tremble as I do it. Not sure if it does any good but it makes me feel better knowing I did something, ya know?

Elisa said...

Oh, and I do drink water while I exercise but maybe I need something more like gatorade. I've never pushed myself so hard before.

Amelia's moms said...

The one time I called 911 while an awful mugging was in process I then rushed for the safety of the train station rather than helping the victim. 911 calling is often accompanied with less than stellar behavior...