Monday, August 25, 2008

Redhaired Challenges

Easily upset.
Inquisitive (to a fault).
These are some of the words I would use to describe my sweet little Laney Lou. As you can see, they run the gamut. Some days, it's "Mommy, I love you so, so much and I love spending time with you!!" Minutes later it's, "Mommy. I. WANT. TO. BE. BY. MYSELF. WITHOUT. YOU. GO. AWAY!" It's exhausting and scary.

Tonight, she said from the back of the car, "Mommy, who was that on the phone, was it Grammy?"

I said, "Yes, how did you know?"

She said, "I could tell by that bossy little voice."

I said (snickering), "Grammy's?"

She said, "No yours..."

She does crack us up regularly! Last week she told my mother who is early childhood educated, in a voice that appeared to be without emotion, "Grammy. I don't think you're very good at taking care of children." HAHAHAHA!! All because my mother had lost her temper, ever so briefly, with Elena.

It's just very hard to be the mother, and grandmother, and brother, and grandfather, and father of a spirited little redheaded four-year-old.

Wish us luck.

Send us prayers.


Amelia's moms said...

"It's exhausting and scary."

I feel this way SO OFTEN about my own spirited, dark, resentful, and cranky 4 year old. I hear 5 year olds are delightful...or is it 6 year olds??

Laney really is delightful and comes by her smarts and feistinous honestly....

Lisa said...

Two..wait..three of my red headed daughter would be easier to deal with than my two year old hellion!

How two little girls, from the same set of parents, can be so different, I just don't know.