Sunday, August 26, 2007

So Many Things to Blog About...

So little time. This is a general housekeeping blog. I will try to catch everyone up on everything that has been going on here in my little life. Let's try a list format for ease of writing and reading...keeping it simple.
1) Summer was H-O-T. The kids spent much time fighting and cranking, but they just started playing together. Elena has finally learned that a baby brother can be fun to boss around. She gave him the bizarre nickname of Brother Munka, and chases him around shouting orders, "Munka, NO, you come here with me!" or "Come here wittle Brudder Munka. Silly Munka! What are you doing?" VERY CUTE.
2) Elena's grasp of language continues to improve. She is now into using surprising verbs and descriptions to get her point across. Two examples of this happened last week:
She was using a colorful term a bit too much, so Gwammy (my Mom) put "freakin" in time out. Well, last week she said it again and I reminded her..."That word's in time out, remember?" Her response? "Mom, I know, it just jumped into my mouth."

I stripped my bed. She watched and later said to me, "Mommy, that was so funny when your bed was all naked nudity. It REALLY needed its clothes on!"

3) We are attempting potty training. She is pretty well pee trained at this point. However, we still continue to struggle with the other. Anyone have any ideas?

4) Liam is walking. He walked just after his first birthday. Elena had walked at 9 months, so we have been waiting forever (or so it feels). I am hoping this means the tendonitis in my elbow will improve...walk on little man!
First steps:

Getting better at it:

5) I got let go from my job due to a misunderstanding. Yeah, right. Stay tuned on this one, folks.

6) I decided to become a consultant in Business Development and secured my first client. Check out I am working on helping them go-to-market more effectively and developing relationships for them with brand owners in the packaged goods space. It's very exciting to be part of an organization of Futurists! Talk about a forward-thinking organization!

7) I am taking my firt plane trip with the kids on Labor Day. We are flying to Orlando to then go to see a good friend and her kids in Gainesville. Wish me luck! I'll send a "postcard".

8) Lots of walking, outdoor play, visits to Lake Candlewood, picking raspberries in our's been a fun summer.


Linda said...

Ok you are going to be like driving right through my neighborhood and you are not stopping to see me!!!! Hmmmph

Elisa said...

Cute! Very cute!